What is ehsAI?


By leveraging machine learningehsAI minimizes the cost associated with the translation of complex environmental, health and safety documents, like permits and regulations, into succinct compliance requirements.

The patent pending ehsAI algorithm mimics the EHS professional's thought processes to quickly and accurately standardize what has been to date a very expensive, manual and error-prone task.

The cost savings can be as high as 80%. Simply put, this means you could populate compliance requirements in an EHS Software system or compliance calendar in mere minutes, versus days or weeks.

For example, a complex NPDS or Title 5 permit can be processed in a matter of minutes. The requirements downloaded into several formats, or via API into any EHS Software system, in under an hour.


The Benefits


All types of regulatory content

ehsAI can process regulatory content that others do not address, such as permits, plans, policies, orders, etc



ehsAI processes regulatory content in minutes and dramatically lowers the cost of implementation by up to 80%



ehsAI accuracy is better than human interpretation which means a standardized requirements database can be easily maintained across an entire enterprise



ehsAI treats each document as a whole entity to help eliminate duplicates and identify all requirements



The ehsAI output identifies individual requirements/obligations, even when more than one requirement/obligation is present within a single citation



ehsAI produces a completely parsed and indexed output that is highly usable for integration into any compliance platform