ehsAI invited to launch at Envision 2018

The team at ehsAI is very pleased to be invited to launch our product at the Enviance User Conference in Denver, on September 10-12th. We will be demonstrating the alpha version of ehsAI and how the output can instantly parse permit and regulatory requirements and populate the Enviance system model. 

September 15th Update: Success at Enviance User Conference!

The soft launch last week at the Enviance User conference in Denver was a great success. The integration of ehsAI with Enviance was a hit, with early adopters signing up fast! We are very grateful to the team at Enviance for inviting us to this conference to demonstrate ehsAI.

Session title: AI Has Arrived: And it will make your life easier!

There are literally millions of regulatory citations, permit conditions, and other regulatory obligations with which companies must comply. Much of the analysis and extraction of specific requirements from regulations and permits are done manually, over and over again. At such a volume, companies are highly challenged to be aware of, let alone comply with, a vast body of regulatory requirements. The application of Artificial Intelligence to this problem, and Machine Learning in particular, is now happening. Come to this session to see how the new product, ehsAI, developed by Moore & Gasperecz Global, extracts all requirements from an extensive body of legal documents, in seconds.  ehsAI processes EHS regulations and permits and presents the output in a user friendly form that can be easily uploaded into Enviance.  The future is here. Come check it out!

For more information please visit or contact Margery Moore at