Margery Moore invited to speak at GenSuite's 'Breakthrough 2019' Conference


Margery Moore, CEO of Moore & Gasperecz Global, has been invited to speak at the GenSuite BREAKTHROUGH 2019 Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 9th. Every year, GenSuite hosts a conference to give their users an opportunity to share ideas, find solutions and see what the next generation of innovations are.

This year, GenSuite has included ehsAI in their program as part of a discussion regarding their compliance calendar. Margery will be presenting on a panel called “Cutting-Edge Solutions for Site Compliance Calendar Setup”, showing how the output from ehsAI can populate the compliance calendar automatically in minutes. Usually, it can take days to deconstruct a permit into individual requirements and tasks.

“We are very excited to be speaking on a panel at GenSuite’s BREAKTHROUGH 2019 Conference.” Margery Moore stated, “This is an ideal opportunity to expose ehsAI to end-users struggling with EHS compliance.”

For more information, please visit the GenSuite BREAKTHROUGH 2019 website for the agenda, speakers and sponsorship information.