Updated: ehsAI included in Bloomberg Environment panel on Emerging Technologies

Bloomberg Environment is hosting a webinar on “Emerging Technology and the Future of EHS Compliance, Enforcement and Risk Management.”  Margery Moore, CEO of Moore & Gasperecz Global Inc., has been invited to be part of the panel being hosted on June 24th. The expert panel will include experts from EHS technology companies and law firms including; Eckert, Seamans, Cherin & Mellott; Earth & Water Strategies; and, PrecisionHawk.

Margery will be discussing the impact of AI on the EHS compliance industry. ehsAI case studies will be discussed to illustrate the incredible cost savings AI will bring to this industry.

The panel will also highlight a recently published Bloomberg EHS Strategies report called “Emerging Technology and the Future of EHS Compliance”. This excellent overview focuses on operational shifts in EHS departments that are a result from the adoption of new innovative technologies, like drones, AI, wearables, etc.

Educational Objectives:

  • Discover how AI, drones, and other technologies are impacting EHS compliance and cost management

  • Explore how data science and predictive analytics are transforming compliance and enforcement

  • Learn about the benefits, opportunities, and challenges that specific technologies present

Who would benefit most from attending this program?

Executives, business leaders, consultants, facilities managers, and in-house and outside legal counsel working in compliance, enforcement, and risk management within the environment, health and safety field.

To register please visit: https://learning.bloombergenvironment.com/catalog/product.xhtml?eid=13612&trackingcode=ESBL193113

To access the EHS Strategies Report: