Moore & Gasperecz Global Inc. finalist in Fundica Roadshow

Fundica Finalists Vancouver.jpg

The whole team at Moore & Gasperecz Global Inc. are so delighted to have been chosen as a finalist in the Fundica Roadshow. This competition includes hundreds of start-ups across Canada competing to be one of three finalists in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The final 9 then compete for #1 in Canada and a prize of $800K. The event will happen in Montreal, on June 20th.

“ehsAI made the final cut because we are transforming a niche industry that badly needs to digitize valuable data locked up in PDF and Word files.”, Margery Moore, CEO of Moore & Gasperecz Global Inc. “The EHS industry will benefit greatly from ehsAI, save millions, and that is why we had 30+ companies signing up within 3 weeks of our official launch.”

In addition to a chance to pitch for the $800,000 equity investment award, powered by Panache Ventures and BCF Ventures, the Vancouver winners will each receive $20,000 in Google Cloud hosting credits and a cloud package from CANARIE.

“We are honored to be selected to compete in the June 20 finale of the Fundica Roadshow.,” Greg Gasperecz, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, “Our mission is to make it simpler and less expensive to protect workers and the environment, and we believe new technologies like ehsAI are the keys to accomplishing it.”

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