Chief Technical Officer


  • Develop the company’s technology vision, strategy, and tactics in alignment with its business goals

  • Evangelize the company’s technical vision internally and externally to customers, partners, and investors

  • Lead all aspects of the company’s technology product development

  • Recruit, hire, and manage a technical team

  • Ensuring that the available technological resources meet the company's short and long term needs.

  • Create and manage timelines and budgets for the development and deployment of the company’s technology products.

  • Manage system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency

  • Discover and implement new technologies that yield competitive advantage.

  • Develop, implement, and manage quality assurance, security, regulatory, and data protection processes


  • Masters degree in Computer Science or related field; MBA preferred but not mandatory

  • Proven experience as a CTO or similar leadership role

  • Proven expertise bringing technology products to market in a start-up situation

  • A demonstrated history of success deploying Python-based SaaS products

  • Advanced technological skills including AI/ML, Spacy, and Docker

  • Ability to conduct technological analyses and research

  • Understanding of budgets and business planning

  • Excellent team building and management skills; able to mentor and lead

  • Excellent communication skills

Senior Python Developer


  • Continuously implementing and deploying small and iterative improvements to ehsAI

  • working with or security, infrastructure, and performance team to keep ehsAI running smoothly

  • Communicating asynchronously with the team

  • Keeping our codebase easy to maintain and easy for others to contribute code to

  • Monitoring your deployments for potential issues

  • Prioritizing and fixing bugs

  • Interviewing potential developers


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or relevant field

  • Maintaining production-level Python applications (5+ years)

  • Experience developing Restful API’s

  • Familiar with Docker

  • Leading the implementation of larger projects

  • Writing clear, concise, and performant code

  • Writing unit and integration tests

  • Continuously deploying code

  • Positive attitude and a strong commitment to delivering quality work

  • Effective communication skills (written and verbal)

Senior Cloud Engineer


  • Develop cloud based applications and large scale platform with high throughput and reliability

  • Create a well-informed cloud strategy and manage the adaption process

  • Contribute to several applications and modules starting from data ingestion, distributed

    computing, near real time analytic engines, real time databases, RESTful APIs, CLIs and user


  • Continuously drive improvements in areas like performance, automation, quality, monitoring

    and reliability of applications

  • Work closely with our security team to implement and monitor our cloud security policies

  • Respond to technical issues in a professional and timely manner

  • Identify the top cloud architecture solutions to successfully meet the strategic needs of the



  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or relevant field.

  • 4+ year’s experience in designing, building and managing large scale platform or distributed systems (AWS experience preferred)

  • programming experience in python (minimum 3 years)

  • familiarity with DC/OS

  • Should be well verse with software development methodologies like agile

  • Prior experience with at-least some of the following distributed computing frameworks and tech

    stack like docker, spark, zookeeper, kafka, and hadoop

  • Positive attitude and a strong commitment to delivering quality work.

  • Effective communication skills (written and verbal)