Welcome to ehsAI

Your company is spending a lot of money to have experts deconstruct environment, health and safety (EHS) data, like regulations and permits, into action items to track compliance performance, audits, or for compliance certification.

This work must be redone when regulations are modified, site conditions change, mergers and acquisitions occur ... it never ends.

Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time and money. Your business can't afford that. 

Instead, take advantage of artificial intelligence and reduce your costs up to 80%.

Automate the process. Reduce costs up to 80%

Reduce or eliminate financial penalties for non-compliance and keep regulators happy.

Reduce corporate environmental risk and duplicate interpretations, achieve corporate sustainability targets more easily.

EHS professionals that must reduce compliance costs should take a serious look at the impacts of AI on their compliance management systems. We are here to help.

How does it work?

Our patent-pending AI engine automates the interpretation and extraction of your EHS requirements or action items in regulations, permits, etc., increasing productivity and accuracy exponentially. ehsAI is easy to integrate into any EHS compliance workflow.


ehsAI scans permits and regulations from any regulatory authority and, within seconds, determines the required compliance actions.


Leveraging patent-pending Machine Learning algorithms, ehsAI generates a complete, indexed list of action items mapped to each regulatory citation and/or permit condition affecting your company.


Upload critical ehsAI data into industry leading EHS Software platforms such as Enviance, Intelex, Enablon, ProcessMap, and Gensuite, or export the data in commonly supported cross-platform formats.

When regulations are updated, ehsAI can quickly update the list of required action items, thus completely streamlining the current manual process.